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of the Fund, whose objective is the establishment of an operational framework for the Fund, with specific emphasis on: the development of a strategic plan for sustainable financing of the PPDF by Member States; the development of its key internal operations and systems, including management of funds arising from diverse sources; the development of criteria for selecting and funding activities; the development of criteria for the selection of a Host institution for the PPDF in its early stages; the development of a first draft Annex to the SADC Finance and Investment Protocol to cover the existence and operations of the PPDF; and the actual establishment of the PPDF.

The three institutional mechanisms – the Network, DFRC and the PPDF – are three essential components of an emerging development finance system in SADC and will provide an exceptional and mutually supportive circle of close cooperation for development, while maintaining their independence and separation of responsibilities.

Corporate Profile

The SADC-DFRC is a SADC institution established under the SADC Principle of Subsidiarity. It is collectively ‘owned’ through a Trust by the SADC-DFI Network as its ‘self-help’ organisation. Only the 29 members of the DFI Sub-committee that have signed the MOU of May 2000 are members of the Network.
Through technical and capacity building support, as well as policy research and advisory services, the DFRC’s mandate is to promote the effective mobilisation of resources by the financial sector, in particular the DFIs, for investment in key areas with the potential to stimulate growth, generate employment and alleviate poverty, in line with the objectives of SADC under the RISDP.
Focal Sectors

To effectively deliver on its mandate, the DFRC has identified the following areas in its Five-Year Strategic Business Plan as its key focal sectors:

  • Financial sector reforms and strengthening and capital markets development;
  • Institutional support, encompassing capacity building;
  • SME Development and support; and
  • Infrastructure/ PPP delivery.

Efforts by DFRC in these focal areas will support other sectoral efforts under the SADC-RISDP geared towards achieving the Region’s goal of regional integration. In this regard, DFRC’s focal areas complement and are in line with the NEPAD/AU strategy for Africa.


The DFRC is a lean organisation manned by a small highly qualified group of staff. Cognisant of this, and to achieve its mandate, it has adopted a collaborative approach which involves utilisation of strategic partners in all its areas of strategic focus. The DFRC, thus, will primarily operate as facilitator, coordinator and catalyst to the DFI Network and regional governments.

Financing of Activities

The DFRC administrative budget is funded through contributions by DFI Network members and these are on the basis of an agreed formula. The Centre’s work programmes activities in the areas of research and advisory services, SMEs, infrastructure/PPPs and capacity