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  1. Mababane and Manzini the commercial central hub.


  1. There could have been no better time than now for us to have such a training programme on Credit Appraisal & Risk Management for SMEs in DFIs here in Swaziland as not long ago the Head of State, His Majesty King Mswati III, during the official opening of Parliament called for meaningful support of Small and Medium Enterprises Sector in Swaziland in order to create jobs.  Furthermore, the Hon Minister of Finance when presenting his budget speech galvanized all agencies in the country to support SMEs in order to ensure inclusive economic growth.


  1. There is no doubt that Credit Appraisal & Risk Management is at the center of the activities of most DFIs financing small enterprises and directly speak to the long term sustainability of those DFIs and the SMEs that they serve.


  1. I am therefore pleased to note that the workshop will cover the following:


  • Thorough understanding of the complexity of the Credit Appraisal for SMEs.
  • The overall complexity and interdependence of different areas affecting SMEs such as Market, Production and Finance
  • Improving competencies in appraising and assessing business opportunities and Project Proposals for SMEs;
  • Improving the ability of DFI Credit Officers to effectively and efficiently assist entrepreneurs in drawing up bankable Business Plans;
  • To empower DFI staff to be able to offer enhanced support to entrepreneurs during the Project Implementation phase.


  1.  You will be exposed to Lectures/ presentations, Case Studies, Group Discussions, and Presentations led by a team of experienced and highly knowledgeable facilitators with long standing practical experience in Credit Appraisal & Risk management & Post Loan Approval Monitoring Techniques.


  1. In December last year at the SADC DFI Network held in Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls, a working group of SADC DFIs that have an SME Development mandate was formed wherein the Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA) assumed the role of convener whilst Namibia