Board of Trustees


Mr Kelebone Leisanyane - Chair


Mr. Kelebone Leisanyane, Chief Executive Officer for Lesotho National Development Corporation, appointed to the Board in December 2015.



Mr. Charles Singili


Mr. Charles Singili, Managing Director of TIB Development Bank – Tanzania appointed in December 2015.



Mr. Reginald Motswaiso


Mr. Reginald Motswaiso, Chief Executive Officer, Botswana Housing Corporation, appointed in December, 2016



Mr. Bardwazsing Jokhoo


Mr. Bardwazsing Jokhoo, Acting Managing Director of the Development Bank of Mauritius, appointed in December 2016.



Mr. Geoffrey Qhena


Mr. Geoffrey Qhena, Chief Executive Officer of the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa, appointed in December, 2016.    



Mr. Michael Ndudzo


Mr. Michael Ndudzo, Chief Executive Officer, Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe, appointed in December, 2016.


Mr. Sadwick Mtonakutha – Ex-Officio Member


Mr. Sadwick Mtonakutha, Acting Director of Trade, Industry, Finance and Investment at the SADC Secretariat, appointed in December 2016 as an Ex-Officio member; and.



Mr. Dumisani Msibi


Mr. Dumisani Msibi, Group Managing Director, Fincorp – Swaziland, appointed in December 2016 (Ex-Officio member and SADC DFI Subcommittee Chairman)..