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team, identification of decision makers, stakeholders, people of influence in opposing teams , understanding their needs and requirements, sketching of negotiation scenarios, indentifying negotiation styles, strategies and tactics  bidding, offers, art of granting concessions, counter proposals, disclosure of information personal image management and negotiation.


The workshop was led by Dr Geoffry Heald, a senior lecturer in Negotiation at the Witwatersrand Business School in South Africa.


High-Level Assest and Liability Management

13th - 17th September 2010, Ezulwini, Swaziland

This course was convened by the Association of African Development Finance Institutions (AADFI) in partnership with the Development Bank of Southern Africa, FINCORP of Swaziland and the DFRC. Thirty five (35) delegates from all over Africa attended the workshop in Ezulwini in Swaziland. The programme focused on disseminating techniques of enhancing the value of the company through sound management and matching of assets and liabilities. Facilitation of the programme was provided through the Development Bank of Southern Africa.


Corporate Governance

13th - 14th September 2010, Maseru, Lesotho

The course was held at the invitation of the Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC) to the DFRC to facilitate a training programme on Corporate Governance for their Board and Management. The purpose of the programme was to expose the board members of the LNDC to recent developments in corporate governance practice and legislation; and to afford them the opportunity to interact and discuss current themes with international faculty. Professor Y R K Reddy and Mr. John Chikura facilitated the two-day programme.


SME Lending and Credit Evaluation - Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA)

6th - 10th September 2010, Gaborone, Botswana

This programme was the last of the three programmes that CEDA requested the DFRC to conduct on its behalf. The DFRC partnered with IDC (SA) and SEDCO (Zimbabwe) to deliver the five day programme that was designed to best suit the needs of CEDA. The workshop was attended by 24 participants from different departments of CEDA.


The need to hold the programme was motivated by the CEDA’s focus on small and medium-sized enterprises as drivers of sustainable socio – economic development in most of the developing economies and Botswana was no exception. The SME lending and credit evaluation training was designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge on issues involved in SMEs lending. The training sought to equip delegates with techniques of credit analysis using case studies and Botswana’s experiences relating to SMEs Credit appraisal and lending.


At the end of the training, participants were re-tooled in the appraisal of and better-equipped to advise on best practices for SME credit financing.


Monitoring and Evaluation - Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA)

21st - 25th June 2010, Gaborone, Botswana

The one week programme was fully funded