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intended to achieve the following:


Disseminating and sharing information on regional DFI risk management practices and identifying regional DFI risk management priorities;

  • Disseminating information on international practice;
  • Proposing a strategic framework for alignment of objectives with international industry best practices including continuing education and development and corporate governance issues; and
  • Providing networking platform for key regional DFI players.


The programme was held at the Vulindlela Academy, DBSA, South Africa and was organized in collaboration with the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa, and the Development Bank of Southern Africa. It coincided with the Operational Risk Forum of International Financial Institutions, which was taking place at the DBSA at the same time. As a result the workshop and the forum were able to share resource persons while the participants of the workshop had the opportunity to interact with the Forum participants.


The programme attracted 33 participants from SADC DFIs who were equipped with the modern credit and operational risk management tools.  This programme covered modern techniques of credit risk analysis, credit cycle, cash flow and lending short term debts products, banking and lending money markets instruments, long term debt products, risk evaluation framework, and industry and corporate strategy.


The second week of the programme focused on Advanced Issues in Credit Risk Management to provide an advanced, specialised and in-depth treatment of selected topics in credit risk management.


The principal resource person for both programmes was Dr Phillipe Latimier, a financial consultant based in France.


Mentoring Development Programme for Botswana 

24th March - 31st  May 2010, Botswana

The main objective of the programme was to enhance mentorship skills of business development service providers in Botswana. This follows similar programmes by DFRC in Lesotho and Namibia. The nine week programme ran from 24th March – 31st May 2010 for mentors of the Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency and the Local Enterprise Authority.  The programme was facilitated by Mapili GmbH. Three out of the eight mentors successfully completed the course.


CEDA and LEA provided the bulk of the financial support for the programme with the DFRC meeting some costs towards the facilitators’ fees and their accommodation.


Corporate Governance

27th - 07 May 2010, Pretoria, South Africa

This programme was held in Waterfront Hotel, in Pretoria. Thirty one board members and executive management of DFIs attended the course which is an annual event and has been hosted by the DFRC since 2005. The workshop was aimed at sharing experiences, exploring recent developments and discussing  best practices in the field of corporate governance, with a view to enhance the effectiveness of management and boards in their supervisory role. Special attention was being paid to issues pertinent to Development Finance