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in government or government agencies across the region. This will be complemented by studies and workshops to strengthen the policy and legislative framework conducive to PPPs growth.


Credit Relationship Management and Bad Loans Minimisation

May, 2009, Swaziland

This workshop comprised a section on managing relationships between the lending institution and the borrower to ensure effective monitoring of the financing arrangement, and a second on strategies to ensure that defaults of clients are kept to the minimum. The workshop had 24 participants, with 15 drawn from local institutions in Swaziland, and nine drawn from DFIs in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia. The workshop was facilitated by Omega Performance.


Programme on Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis

Module I: Financial, 22nd June – 3rd July, 2009

The goals of the program were to develop the operational skills of participants so that they are able to:

  • Plan and assess all aspects of investment projects;
  • Add value through the redesign of projects;
  • Prepare project financing agreements


Participants learnt how to conduct the financial, and risk analysis of investments. They also gained skills in the design and testing of risk management contracts and the evaluation of project financing options.


Through lectures by experts, applied case studies, and group discussions, participants were able gain practical knowledge, and obtain a global perspective of recent development in these fields. The programme was well-received by participants with high ratings in terms of the structure and content of the material as well as the quality of facilitators and facilitation. The programme was fully funded by the National Treasury of South Africa, while participants from the DFIs were paid for by DANIDA.


This program has been created for people who design, select, or finance projects, and was principally aimed at professionals working at the National Treasury and related government departments in South Africa, but was attended by some staff from SADC DFIs.


The target group were drawn from National Treasury (SA) and SADC DFIs, with 23 participants (20 National Treasury and 3 from SADC DFIs). The programme was held at the Eskom Leadership Development Centre, Midrand, South Africa, and facilitated by John Deutsche International Executive Programmes, Queens University, Kingston, Canada.


Module I: 16th – 27th November 2009

This two week programme took place at the Eskom Training Centre in Midrand, South Africa. 19 participants from the National Treasury of South Africa attended the programme. The programme was fully paid for by the National Treasury. Facilitators were from Queen’s University John Deutsche International Executive Programmes. The programme evaluation revealed that the course structure, training material, facilitators and facilities were highly rated.     


Module II: Economic and Stakeholder Analysis, February 22 to March 5 2010

This programme is a follow up of Module 1 on Financial Analysis that