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for the programme were led by Professor Philippe Latimier, a Development Finance Consultant based in France, and included experts from the Bank of International Settlements, Development Bank of Southern Africa and the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa.


SME Development Programme

Progress on implementation of the SME Development programme:


SME Mentoring 

The project was implemented using the “Journey to Excellence’ (J2Ex) model developed jointly with SAFRI HRD Project of Germany. The objectives of the project were to achieve the following;

  • Increase lending to SMEs by DFIs;
  • Improve DFIs’ SME portfolio quality to international standards, shown through improved loan repayments and SMEs’ higher productivity- improved access to regional and international markets; and 
  • increase women SME clients for DFIs.

On account of a number of challenges that arose, and were reported to the Board, the DFRC has been undertaking a review of the programme.  A new and comprehensive plan for the implementation of the next phase of the programme, as well as completion of all outstanding matters for the previous programme has now been completed. The DFI will be consulting with DFIs on the way forward, beginning with the Botswana DFIs.


Mentoring Development Programme for Botswana

The nine week programme started on 24th March 2010 and is being undertaken in collaboration with the two Botswana-based DFIs, CEDA and LEA, who are providing the bulk of the financial support for the programme with the DFRC meeting some costs towards the facilitator’s fees and accommodation among other costs.


The main objective of the programme is to enhance mentorship skills of business development service providers in Botswana.


The programme is expected to conclude at the end May 2010, with field-verification visits, assessments and accreditation of mentors.


Risk Management Training

The SADC-Development Finance Resource Centre, together with the African Development Bank, the Development Bank of Southern Africa and the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa, organized a workshop on Enterprise-wide risk management in November 2004. This workshop was attended by members of staff from the DFIs in the SADC region, as well as regional development banks in Western, Eastern and Southern Africa.


Following the deliberations and resolutions of the workshops, it was agreed to carry out an in-depth and specialized training of Credit Risk Management and Asset - Liability Management for alumni of this first programme, and others with appropriate experience and prior training.


Consequently, consultations are ongoing between the African Development Bank, the Development Bank of Southern Africa and the SADC-DFRC to undertake these programmes in 2006.


Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis

This four-week programme on Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis is for professionals working in private and public organizations, and covers modern techniques of finance, financial modelling,