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of DFIs to discuss issues relating to corporate governance in the region, and as they relate to Development Finance Institutions.


Consequently, it was decided to hold follow-up programmes in all the SADC countries for all the DFIs. These programmes would be held on location in specific countries to minimize the burden of travel and other costs of traveling abroad for the programme. In this way the coverage of Board members would be higher in a shorter period of time. Discussions are currently under way with DFIs in three countries with a view to convening these workshops for their board members.


Consultations have also been held with the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa for them to provide technical training services at all these venues. It is expected that these follow-on programmes will be funded by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA).


The DFRC has also made requests to other cooperating partners to support the development and implementation of these programmes in the rest of the SADC countries over the next few years.


The basic objective of these programmes is to raise awareness of corporate governance issues and recent developments on the subject, improve the quality of governance in the DFIs, as well as develop a shared understanding across the region of the significance of corporate governance to corporate performance and longevity.