Completed Projects

The following policy research and advisory services programmes were undertaken and completed in the financial year 2011/12.


Policy Research: Corporate Governance Policy Reform Project


The aim of this project was to develop a methodology for identifying and promoting changes in policy on corporate governance that facilitates good corporate governance practices, especially, but not exclusively in state-owned enterprises. The essential idea is to identify lead institutions and eminent personalities who can drive an agenda for change at a high level. Given the long term nature of this project and approach, it has become necessary to revise the project to focus on drawing on the experiences of selected countries to develop a manual on policy formulation and development in the context of corporate governance.  The expert has therefore made consultations with various actors in the corporate governance, and drawn from various experiences in various parts of the world to develop an appropriate approach encapsulated in this manual. This manual and the proposed methodology were subsequently presented to the meeting of the DFI Network on 27th May 2011 for discussion.


Public Private Partnerships: SADC PPP Network


Launch of PPP Website and Newsletter
December 2011



The development of the SADC PPP Network website and supporting Newsletter was completed in the year under review. The website can now be surfed on while it has also been agreed that the Newsletter should be published once every two months.


Consultative Meeting on SADC Public Private Partnership Network

07th December 2011


A consultative meeting was also held with SADC government representatives to review the developments in the Network since the launch conference held in February 2011. The review covered institutional and programme activities undertaken, and the immediate future plans for the development of the SADC PPP Network. The objective of the meeting was to keep the SADC governments informed and to get suggestions from them on the way forward in terms of programmes and activities for the Network, especially following the decisions of the Ministers of Finance to approve the establishment of the Network and it Steering committee as above.


Workshop for SADC Heads of PPP units (sponsored by GIZ and DBSA)

22nd - 22th   August 2011, DBSA, South Africa


Following the meeting of the Task Force on 1st July, it was decided that the deliberations and directions of the Task Force should be referred to the SADC Heads of PPP units to validate needs and the policy direction of the Network.


The workshop, therefore, provided final guidance for the formalization of the SADC PPP Network. The workshop provided an opportunity to consult on the draft business plan of the SADC PPP Network, which is specifying issues of vision, governance, membership and resources. Second, the workshop also served to jointly analyze the current PPP situation in the region and derive an operational work