Completed Projects

NDC and Mtwara Development Corridor



This project is the flagship of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) -Development Finance Resource Centre’s (DFRC) Programme on Infrastructure/PPP Development Activities. It aims to set up a PPP Facilitation Unit at the National Development Corporation of Tanzania and to develop the Unit’s capabilities to appraise infrastructure projects for private investment. The DFRC’s business planning calls for several efforts to help key infrastructure Development Finance Institutions (DFI) in the region develop skills needed to manage PPI project development. Given the policy environment in Tanzania, the NDC has agreed to undertake this activity as a pilot effort on behalf of the SADC DFI Network and for the Network’s secretariat, the DFRC. Click here to read more about the project.


PPP Facilitation Unit

The pilot project officially kicked off on 16th February at the World Bank regional offices in Dar-es-Salam at a meeting attended by various key stakeholders. The unit is manned by a staff of 9 of which 6 are from hosting institution, NDC (Tanzania), and three are from Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia, each. The training project is for four months.


Quantitative Methods for Preparation, Appraisal and Management of PPI Projects in SSA. 

A consultant, Dr Chris Shugart, was appointed for the project in December 2005 and a Draft Final Report was completed on 13th March 2006. The report will be tabled for discussion at a workshop of key stakeholders at a date still to be determined and comments there from will be taken into account in the final report.