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Programme Outline


Mr. Seth T. Akweshie,  SADC Industrialisation Strategy and Road Map - SADC,

Mr. Charles G Singili, Towards Industrialized Economy: The Role of DFIs in Tanzania in the Implementation of The Second Five Year Development Plan (FYDP-II) - Tanzania,

Col. (rtd). Joseph L Simbakalia, Industrialisation Experiences in Tanzania - Tanzania,

Mr. Bashi Gaetsaloe, Botswana Development Corporation: Promoting Industrial Activity in Botswana - Botswana,

Ms. Xoliswa Jafta, Industrialisation in South Africa: The Case of IDC - South Africa.




13th CEOs' Forum, December 2016, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


The Theme for the forum was “How to Effectively Use Public Private Partnerships to Enhance Service Delivery and Develop Infrastructure” . The purpose was to introduce the fundamental principles of identifying and preparing bankable PPP projects. It highlighted the theoretical issues related to PPPs and practical case studies from the public and private sectors.

The meeting further discussed how DFIs can effectively meet their mandate and also contribute to implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Programme Outline



Mr. Lindokuhle Hlatshwayo,  The Regulatory Environment for PPPs - South Africa,

Mr. Martin Inkumbi, Developing and Funding Independent Power Producers - Namibia,

Mr. William Dachs, Case Study on the Gautrain - South Africa,

Mr. Kogan Pillay, The Fundamentals of PPPs – SADC,

Mr. Mochizuki Hiroshi, Enhanced Private Sector Assistance for Africa , South Africa,

Mr. Tetsuya Fukunaga, TICAD VI Official Event JICA Seminar , SADC,



12th CEOs' Forum, June 2016, Gaborone, Botswana


The forum focused on discussing “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Implementation: DFIs as catalysts”. The DFIs will play a crucial role in attaining the SDGs both in individual member states and on a regional basis. In addition, the G20 nations have made considerable financial resources available, through multilateral organisations, which can be accessed by DFIs in SADC as they fulfill their mandates.

Programme Outline




Dr. Muyeye Chambwera,  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  Overview - Botswana,

Ms.  Loyiso  Ndlovu, The Role of DFIs as Catalysts in the Attainment of SDGs - South Africa

Dr. Lufeyo Banda, Role of SADC DFIs in attaining SDGs: SADC Perspective - Botswana

Mr. Andrew McRobert,  Monitoring and Evaluation of SDGs – South Africa,



11th CEOs' Forum, December 2015, Luanda, Angola


The forum focused on discussing the state and prospects of industrialisation in SADC, especially given the adoption of a Regional Industrialisation Strategy and Roadmap by SADC member states. In this context, the Forum explored the role that development finance institutions can play in promoting and facilitating industrialisation in the region, and ensuring the alignment of development finance strategy to the regional industrial strategy and the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan.