Current Projects

Following are the current projects:


Long – Term Finance Availability and Instruments

The study focuses on the mobilisation of resources to finance SME development. The project, which is in two phases, will in the first phase focus on a select number of identified institutions. It will identify financing gaps; review available instruments; examine the regulatory and institutional arrangements; and review existing policies as they impact on long – term finance flows.


Depending on the success of phase one, Phase II will see the programme extended to other member countries.


Credit Rating Methodology

Financial institutions (FIs), particularly DFIs, fail to attract financial resources on account of poor sovereign ratings notwithstanding their good creditworthiness. Present international rating methodologies are difficult to attain and do not take into account special characteristics of African countries and institutions.


The objective of this programme, therefore, is, in the first phase, to develop a credit rating methodology for SADC financial institutions. In Phase II, the programme will focus on developing a country rating system for SADC.


Capital Markets Development and Integration

In recognition of the centrality of capital markets to the mobilisation of domestic and foreign resources, the research will cover the following: assess the status of capital markets in the region; evaluate supporting legislation, regulation and institutional arrangements; assess depth - size, participation (local & foreign) and instruments; and explore opportunities for regional harmonization and integration.


Data Management

To keep track of developments in the DFI Network, the DFRC will gather data on a regular basis by means of a DFI Statistical Return. The Centre has completed a Data collection project covering all DFIs and this will constitute the basis upon which the statistical return will be built.


The first Statistical Return will be for the six month period ending June 2005. A DFI Statistical and Policy Bulletin is scheduled for 2006, once sufficient data has been collected.


Experts Data Bank

The DFRC is compiling a data bank of regional DFI experts. This will form a resource base for the DFRC to tap from for its research, advisory and capacity building programmes as well as its sectoral programmes on SMEs and PPPs.


In the spirit of learning from experiences in other regions of the globe, coupled with the quest for global best practices, a data bank for extra regional experts is also being compiled to complement the DFI experts.