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Banco Sol, Angola

Banco Sol is a Financial Institution duly established under Angloan laws and constituted with the public deed of October 1, 2000, following the communication of the National Bank of Angola of March 15, 2004 which authorised its constitution.


It began as a bank of micro-credit and it is now a universal bank with operations of classical banking committed to financial inclusion and serious stake in its internationalisation and seeking for new partnerships as essential growth factor and sustainable development. Its headquarters is at the corner of Rua Frederic Welwitchia No. 47 and Rua Lourenço Mendes da Conceição No. 7 in Luanda.


Functions, Products and Services


The Bank dedicates itself to obtain funding from third parties as deposits or other funds, which it applies, along with equities in loans and deposits at the National Bank of Angola, applications on credit institutions, acquisition of securities and other assets for which it is authorised. It also provides other banking services and carries out various transactions in foreign currency…. Read More.