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(BHC) is a parastatal corporation solely owned by Botswana Government. It was established by an Act of Parliament (CAP 74:03) of 1970 and started its operation on February 1971.


Functions, Products and Services


BHC is mandated to provide for the housing, office and other building needs of the Government and Local Authorities; to provide for, and to assist and to make arrangements for other persons to meet the requirements of paragraph; to undertake and carry out, and to make arrangements for other persons to undertake and carry out building schemes in Botswana...... Read More.



Local Enterprise Authority (LEA), Botswana

The Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) was established by the Small Business Act, Number 7 of 2004 as a Statutory Authority of the Government of Botswana. The Authority is guided by a Board of Directors drawn from both the Private sector and the Public sector, and headed by a Chief Executive Officer.


Functions, Products and Services


LEA is a co-ordinated and focused one-stop shop Authority that provides development and support services to the local industry needs of SMMEs, encompassing training, mentoring, business plan finalisation, market access facilitation, and facilitation of technology adaptation and adoption. The key sectors are manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, and any services that support the three business sectors....... Read More .



National Development Bank (NDB), Botswana

NDB was established  under an act of parliament  in 1963.The Bank is owned  by  the Government  of Botswana  and operates under  the control of a Board of Directors  appointed  by the Minister of Finance and Development Planning. In 1998, NDB became the first Bank in Africa to be certified under ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Standards.


Functions, Products and Services


The bank provides loans to projects that promote the economic development of botswana.NDB finances agricultural, commercial, property development (commercial, industrial and residential commercial property), and industrial and tourism projects. The bank encourages manufacturing concerns as their benefits to the society are more long term and normally add more value to inputs. NDB also offers performance bonds. Among other financing parameters NDB is encouraged to finance projects that create employment, add value to local raw materials, and export oriented, substitute imports and transfer technology to Botswana...... Read More.



Botswana International Trade Centre (BITC), Botswana (Formerly BEDIA)


The Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) is an organisation established by an act of Parliament, to become an integrated Investment and Trade Promotion Authority (ITPA) with an encompassing mandate of investment promotion and attraction, export promotion, and development, including management of the Nation Brand. Through its critical role within Botswana’s economy, BITC further encourages domestic investment and expansion, promotes locally manufactured goods to regional