DFI Madagascar

Societe Nationale de Participations (SONAPAR), Madagascar

Founded on February 11, 1991, SONAPAR or the National Shareholding Company is an investment portfolio management company. We are recognised for our Corporate Financing and Risk Capital activities through an acquisition of shareholding interests in the capital of company with Economic field either for our own account or on behalf of third parties (Domestic and international private investors).


Being a strategic investment fund, a development tools; that meets the needs of the present without compromising the future; that extends the economic defense through the rational management of the heritage by defining the safeguard measures, and by setting up the future bases of growth on the basis of a prospective approach…… Read More.


Functions, Products and Services


  • Contribute to the development of Madagascar through the creation of wealth and employments
  • Participate in the development of the Malagasy financial system
  • Promote Public-Private Partnership
  • Strengthen investment, particularly in current growth sectors
  • Support the SMEs
  • Assist the very small business