DFI Mozambique

Gapi-Sociedade de Investimentos (Gapi-SI), Mozambique

GAPI is a small investment company. Its objective is to foster economic development through the promotion of small and medium enterprises as well as strengthening micro-finance institutions. GAPI wants to achieve this objective through a combination of financial services, business development services (BDS), and technical assistance.


Functions, Products and Services


Design and implement programs and projects in an integrated manner, encourage the expansion, diversification and consolidation of national business and the Mozambican financial system. GAPI promotes SMEs and inclusive of finance..... Read More.


Banco Nacional de Investimento (BNI), Mozambique

BNI is the first and only local Investment bank focused exclusively on the development of Mozambique with an extensive knowledge of the marketplace. Mozambique is today one of the best emerging opportunities worldwide with a remarkable economic climate presenting an average of 5% to 7% yearly growth and an outstanding performance even for the African continent… Read More.


Functions, Products and Services


The BNI offering provides financing instruments for projects and companies, always aiming to contribute to a sustainable economic growth, placing its clients in truly privileged position of leadership in an emerging economy.


BNI also offers a range of advisory and counseling services typical of investment banks, fund management and of capital markets access that provide their clients with a broad and unique offer in Mozambique.