DFI Namibia

Agricultural Bank of Namibia (Agribank), Namibia

The Agricultural Bank of Namibia started way back in 1907 as Deutsch-Sudwestafrikanischer Farmerbund.  In April 1922, the Land and Agricultural bank of South West Africa was established.

Functions, Products and Services


The Agricultural Bank of Namibia is agriculture and rural development finance institution that strives to enhance the productivity and profitability of agriculture and related industries by providing affordable and sustainable financial products and services that adds value to clients businesses. Agribank provides Production/seasonal loan, livestock loan, infrastructure loan, vehicle and tractor loan, aquaculture loan, solar energy loan, bush encroachment, loan consolidation , farm land loan, draught animal power Acceleration Programme (DAPAP) , Labourers Housing, Improvement Loans.Loans are made available to add value to the agriculture industry that shall continue to earn the country a wide reputation of producing products “as natural as nature intended’ such as meat, grapes, cotton, dates, etc....... Read More.



Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF), Namibia

The Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF) was established by an Act of Parliament  in 2001 as a statutory body and juristic person outside the Public Service. According to the State–Owned Enterprise Governance Act of 2006, it is classified as a state–owned enterprise.


According to its founding Act, the objective of the EIF is to:


  1. mobilise funding for the maintenance of an endowment fund that will generate income in perpetuity, and
  2. allocate this income to activities and projects, which promote the following;


Functions, Products and Services


  • the sustainable use and management of environmental and natural resources;
  • the maintenance of the natural resource base and ecological processes;
  • the maintenance of biological diversity and ecosystems for the benefit of all Namibians; and
  • economic improvements in the use of natural resources for sustainable rural and urban development... Read More.



Development Bank of Namibia (DBN), Namibia

The Development Bank of Namibia fosters, empowers and finances bold new ventures. Whether large or small, a start-up or expansion, private or public sector, the Development Bank of Namibia generates success, innovation, growth and prosperity.


Functions, Products and Services


DBM offers the operation of Savings Accounts, term deposit; DBM Ltd also has been the pioneer in the country for the provision of industrial buildings and the development of land for the setting up of industrial buildings. Read More...



National Housing Enterprise (NHE), Namibia

To be the leader in the provision of housing to the nation and to be a customer driven institution that provides housing solutions in order to alleviate the housing need.

Functions, Products and Services


The NHE’s mandate is to act as a lending institution as well as a developer in the field of low income housing.
NHE offers project