DFI Swaziland

Swaziland Development and Savings Bank (Swazi Bank), Swaziland

Swaziland Development & Savings Bank, known as SwaziBank, is a development finance institution. It was established in 1965 by the late King Sobhuza II in an effort to finance development projects, mainly smallholder farmers and low cost housing.


Functions, Products and Services


The Bank was mandated by its shareholder (The Government of Swaziland) to be a development bank and at the same time be a commercial entity. SwaziBank has become a major player in the financial sector and continues to generate profits despite the highly risky mandate it has to adhere to. The bank offers Bank Products (such as personal banking, home loan, agribusiness, business banking) and foreign exchange accounts.... Read More.


Swaziland Development Finance Corporation (FINCORP), Swaziland

Swaziland Development Finance Corporation was launched by His Majesty King Mswati III in November 1995 with the main aim of economically empowering Swazi people at grassroots level through the provision of sound and sustainable financial services.


Functions, Products and Services


The main objectives of Fincorp are; To finance and promote the development of Swazi-owned Enterprises; To support the expansion of loan financing to SMEs; To create jobs; To make a meaningful contribution to the eradication of poverty among people at grassroots level;  To support the provision of business advisory services, training, monitoring, technical transfers and development of other products and services for SMEs. FINCORP currently offers multiple financial services including general business finance, agribusiness finance, trade finance, contract finance, asset lease facilities, order financing and other financial services such as money transfers and insurance. The 3 loans they offer are Micro Loans  , Agricultural Loans  and Business Loans.... Read More.


Swaziland Industrial Development Company (SIDC), Swaziland

Swaziland Industrial Development Company Limited (SIDC) was formed as a joint venture between the Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland and major International finance institutions. It is a private development company committed to supporting its customers with quality services in the financing of projects through the provision of equity, loans and factory buildings for lease.


Functions, Products and Services


SIDC primary corporate objectives are: Create wealth for the Swazi economy; Increasing the value of its shareholders' investments; Practising cost-efficient management; Achieving profits in its operations.

SIDC fulfills its role by promoting and investing in financially viable projects in the sectors of: Industry; Property Development; Mining; Agribusiness; Tourism; Commerce; Services; SME's.... Read More.


National Industrial Development Corporation of Swaziland (NIDCS)

NIDCS was established by the Government of Swaziland through the National Industrial Development Corporation Act of 1971 as a public enterprise, with