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the aim of promoting industrial development in Swaziland. In terms of the Act, our mandate is to establish and conduct any business undertaking; facilitate, promote, guide; and assist in financing of new business undertakings and schemes for expansion and modernization in order to improve the efficiencies in existing undertakings.


In 1985 the Corporation became dormant. In 2012 the Government approved its revival to support industrial development in order to stimulate economic growth and employment creation. The revival also expanded the mandate by making the Corporation a custodian of Government investments including shares in various entities. As a result, the NIDCS now serves as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for investing on behalf of Government to ensure maximisation of investment returns in the various investing avenues.


Functions, Products and Services


Our activities complement Government’s effort to attract investment by offering equity participation and anchoring investor confidence on Swaziland. Currently, we support undertakings in sectors such as Food and Beverages, Agri-business, Health and Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure and Engineering, Paper, Plastic and Leather, Textiles and Apparels, Communications, Mining and Minerals, Financial Services, Finance and Entertainment…. Read More.



Swaziland National Housing Board (SNHB)

SNHB is a Public Enterprise established in terms of SNHB Act No. 3 of 1988 with the core mandate of providing affordable housing for low and middle income earning Swazi citizens.


Functions, Products and Services


The SNHB aim to deliver effective housing solutions for lower to middle income earners, provide rental units at affordable local rates and allocate plots on title deed land for development by Swazi Citizens….. Read More.