DFI Tanzania

National Development Corporation (NDC), Tanzania

The National Development Corporation (NDC), an economic development organization, was established as a statutory corporation by an Act of Parliament in 1962. The purpose of NDC is to initiate, develop and guide the implementation of economically viable projects in partnership with the private sector.


Functions, Products and Services


NDC was created to function as the government's investment arm.  It develops finances and implements pioneering development-oriented projects vital to the sustainability of the government's structural reforms and economic policies. The Company specialises in Project Development, specifically: Mining Projects, Industry Projects and Export Processing Zones, Energy Projects, Infrastructure Projects, Development Corridors (SDIs).... Read More.



Tanzania Investment Bank (TIB), Tanzania

Tanzania Investment Bank Limited provides a comprehensive range of deposit services, in both Tanzania shillings and foreign currencies, at competitive rates of interest. Foreign currency deposit services are available in United States of America Dollars, British Pounds and Euros.


Functions, Products and Services


TIB’s principal objective is to provide finance and specialized investment banking services to corporate clients on a commercial basis. The range of products and services offered by TIB are; Deposit services; trade financing; leasing; Agriculture financing; Stock Broking; support to SMEs. These are intended to meet the requirements of the present day (complex) business environment in a manner that is flexible and responsive to the client needs. ...Read More.