DFI Zimbabwe

Agricultural Bank of Zimbabwe (Agribank)

The Agribank was created out of the parastatal Agricultural Finance Corporation in 1999. The mobilisation of deposits and credit provision to the non-farming sector are the main new features of Agribank in comparison with the former AFC.


Functions, Products and Services


Agribank's role is that of a development finance institution with both loan granting and deposit taking functions. To provide sustainable Agricultural Development Finance and Banking Services to contribute to the country’s attainment of economic growth, development and prosperity, in partnership with the public and private sectors...... Read More.



Industrial Development Corporation (IDCZ), Zimbabwe


The Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited (IDCZ) is a self-financing, national Development Finance Institution (DFI). It was established in 1963 through an Act of Parliament, (Chapter 14:10).


It is wholly owned by the Government of Zimbabwe and accordingly is a state enterprise. The IDCZ, however is unique in that it is was commercialized from its inception as it is also registered in terms of Companies Act (Section 3) of Zimbabwe. The Corporation is a limited liability.


Functions, Products and Services


The Corporation identifies and develops industrial project opportunities into commercially viable ventures in partnership with local, regional and international investors, and technology and market access partners. The Corporation has built an investment portfolio supplying quality products at competitive prices, with the core being in the sectors of motor and transport, fertilizer and chemicals, cement, aluminum and granite and base mineral processing, and glass products.It also has investments in textiles, clothing, beans canning, packaging and electronics. It has embarked on a greenfield project to build an industrial park in Harare and to set up agro-processing plants in various parts of the country...... Read More.



Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ) (formerly Zimbabwe Development Bank)


The IDBZ was formed on the 31st of August 2005, taking over the assets and liabilities of the former Zimbabwe Development Bank (“ZDB”). It was primarily set up as a vehicle for the promotion of economic development and growth, and improvement of the living standards of Zimbabweans through the development of infrastructure, which includes but not limited to energy, transport, water and sanitation, information communication technology (ICT) and housing.


Functions, Products and Services


The The IDCZ's role in the economy is to add value through industrial processes and capital formation (foreign direct investment) to create wealth, employment and industrial development in Zimbabwe. It is mandated to do the following;

  • To establish and conduct any industrial undertaking, to facilitate, promote, guide and assist the financing of: new industrial undertakings (including small and medium scale), schemes for the expansion, better