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  • organisation and modernisation of and the more efficient carrying out of operations in existing industries and industrial undertakings.
  • Implement Government policy in regard to decentralization of industry, choice of technology and any other matter which the Minister (Minister of Industry and Commerce) may specify.
  • To undertake the development of management and technical expertise in the carrying out of industrial undertakings
  • To take measures to acquire direct and effective control of its investments and to that end to ensure that industrial development in Zimbabwe maybe planned, expedited and conducted on sound business principles..... Read More .



Small and Medium Enterprises Development Corporation (SMEDCO), Zimbabwe

The Small Enterprises Development Corporation (SEMDCO) is a leading development finance institution for the promotion and development of micro, small and medium enterprises in the country. It was formed in 1983 through an Act of Parliament, chapter 24:12 and is a parastatal which falls under the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Co-operative Development..... Read More .


Functions, Products and Services


  • Business loans for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Co-operatives (MSMECs)
  • Provision of business shelter and artisan hives to MSMECs
  • Capacity Building for MSMECs which includes training, mentoring, creating market linkages, other business extension services