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in the SADC RISDP as critical development focal areas. SADC has recognized the importance of the role of DFIs for financing aspects of the RISDP and its chapter on financing of the RISDP alludes to the importance of the Network’s financing activities in achieving successful implementation of the Plan.


As a critical strategy of the African Union (AU), the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) initiative also recognizes the important financing role of DFIs in the African continent and the need to work through existing institutions like the Network and its members to achieve Africa’s development challenges. Like SADC, NEPAD also focuses attention on capacity building and policy analysis and support as a critical development driver. The DFRC will provide support for this focus and is working closely with the NEPAD Secretariat to build capacities and develop strategies to strengthen the financial sector. The AU’s constitutive instruments identify the critical role of regional organizations and of development finance in harnessing Africa’s potential. It targets capacity building, as one of the critical areas for achieving much needed economic growth and development. The AU’s goals are, therefore, supportive of and have much in common with those of SADC, and have been embraced by SADC DFIs and their DFRC.


How does the DFRC support the DFI members?

The DFRC is ‘owned’ collectively by the DFIs in SADC as an ‘industry-owned’ self-help organization. It provides the vehicle for supporting advisory and capacity building services to the Network and the finance sector. The DFRC is expected to facilitate, through the Network, the emergence of a new ‘internal market forces dynamic’ aimed at addressing regional development financing needs. By being pro-active, the DFRC acting on behalf of all its members is expected to nudge the region’s development financing capacity, knowledge and skills base gradually towards the cutting edge of financial services delivery.


As the centre of the SADC-DFI Network, the DFRC will attract financial, technical, advisory and resource person assistance and support from the donor community as well as from private financial institutions.


Who are the DFRC stakeholders?

DFRC Stakeholders encampus regional and national research organization, universities, financial institutions, donor organizations etc. These include the following:

  • SADC Secretariat
  • SADC Committee of Senior Treasury Officials
  • SADC Committee of Central Bank Governors (CCBG)
  • SADC Committee of Insurance, Securities and Non - banking financial Authorities (CISNA)
  • Association of African Development Finance Institutions (AADIF)
  • African Economic Research Consortium (AERC)
  • New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) Secretariat
  • International Cooperating Partners, including
    • The Centre for Development of Enterprises (CDE)
    • The African Development Bank (AfDB)
    • World Bank Group including the following institutions and agencies of the Bank: IFC, PPIAF, WBI, and MIGA
    • UNCTAD