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Botswana Development Corporation (BDC), Botswana

Botswana Development Corporation Limited (BDC) was established in 1970 to be the country's main agency for commercial and industrial development. The Government of Botswana owns 100 percent of the issued share capital of the Corporation.




BDC’s role is to provide financial assistance to investors with commercially viable projects and to support projects that generate sustainable employment for Botswana and add to the skills of the local workforce. It also encourages participation in business ventures. Furthermore, BDC supports the development of viable businesses which use locally available resources, make products for export or to substitute imports, foster linkages with the local industry or contribute to the development of Botswana’s resources and overall economy. Read More...


Functions, Products and Services


BDC provides loan financing; equity participation; provision of commercial; industrial and residential premises and invoice discounting



Botswana Savings Bank (BSB), Botswana


BSB is an indigenous institution wholly owned by the Government of Botswana with a specific mandate of mobilizing the nation to save as well as providing inclusive financial services. The Bank is operating under the Transition Act of 2011. In 2009 Government, took a decision to merge Botswana Savings Bank, Botswana Post and Botswana Courier and both institutions are under a Holding Group (Botswana Postal Savings Group). Botswana Post enables BSB to provide its services through the postal network around the country.


Functions, Products and Services


BSB plays an essential role of mobilizing domestic savings and providing banking services throughout the country by accepting customer deposits, grants loans on commercial terms and offers other financial services as it considers necessary to meet the needs of the people of Botswana. The bank offers savings accounts, mortgage loans, automobile loans and other secured loans to its customers...... Read More .


Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA), Botswana

Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) is established to address the need for coherent and holistic support for the development of small, medium and large scale enterprises through our soft widow and package offered through our subsidiaries.


Functions, Products and Services


CEDA offers funding for capital expenditure, stock or working capital in new and existing business ventures. It also offers training and mentoring for new and seasoned entrepreneurs and business advisory services to entrepreneurs in various skills as identified through the needs assessment that is conducted during project monitoring. CEDA products and services are agribusiness, property and manufacturing, services, structured finance, training & mentoring, credit guarantee scheme, invoice discounting and application process..... Read More.



Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC), Botswana

Botswana Housing Corporation