PPPs are globally popular as a model of economic stimulation - Mr. Lekwalo Mosienyane



Chief Executive Officer of SADC Development Finance Resource Centre and your Executives,


Chief Executive of BITC and your team,


Senior Government Officials,


Programme Facilitator,


Representatives of the Business Community,


Distinguished Participants,


Ladies and Gentlemen,


  1. It is my esteemed honour and privilege to have been afforded the opportunity to officiate at the opening of this Public Private Partnership (PPP) training programme, which has been deliberately structured to include most local stakeholders relevant to the use of PPPs in Botswana. Let me therefore extend my profound gratitude to BITC and SADC DFRC for having taken the initiative to deliver this important training. For our stand as Business Botswana, the timing couldn’t have been better.  PPPs are globally popular as a model of economic stimulation, with a strong participation of the private sector. It is for this reason that, the government of Botswana has positively embraced our call for the establishment of a PPP Policy Framework for Botswana, anchored and enabled by a fully-fledged coordinating unit within the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning. I must admit that, while PPPs are always reflected in different forums as the way to go for Botswana, very little has been achieved on the ground owing to a number of challenges particularly availability of necessary capacity.


  1. This therefore calls for a renewed discussion by relevant parties, to establish what interventions are required to accelerate the adoption, and utilization of PPPs in public infrastructure project delivery in Botswana. It is therefore appropriate that as we reignite the discussions, BITC and the SADC DFRC have seen it fit to afford all relevant stakeholders an empowerment training course, which will get all of us to clearly understand what