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  1. Block is the desire to form a Regional Development Fund in order to increase access to funding for the member countries; the financial intermediation institutional framework and ultimately citizens of member countries with a view of increasing investment and industrialization of our economies.


  1.  The DFRC aims to assist the DFI Network through supporting the development and financing of the small and medium enterprises (SME) sector capable of exploiting the vast business opportunities that the region’s scarcely tapped natural and other resources offer. In so doing, regional employment opportunities will expand and begin to address the challenges posed by underdevelopment and poverty. Through targeted business support strategies for SMEs, the DFRC aims to assure the DFI’s sustainability through a stronger client base.


  1. The development of SMEs lies at the core of economic growth worldwide. Research has revealed that across the world the SME sector employs one-half to two thirds of the labour force in developing countries and that the sector contributes significantly towards national incomes.


  1. SADC governments have adopted different policies, strategies and programmes to promote SMEs in their countries. On the whole, the policies and programmes have not been as effective as desired. The SADC-DFRC aims to play a pivotal and catalytic role in this area through specially designed SME institutional support programmes to enhance DFIs’ delivery capacity and SMEs support at enterprise level.


  1. The greatest benefit of attending courses hosted under the auspices of the SADC DFI Network is the opportunity for all participants to share their experiences and enrich one another for the betterment of your respective institutions.   I therefore wish to encourage the workshop participants to engage in meaningful deliberations and robust debates in order the enhance the learning environment. 


  1. I am a strong believer in that as DFIs we can only effectively and efficiently deliver meaningful