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contribute to implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Programme Outline


Mr. Lindokuhle Hlatshwayo,  The Regulatory Environment for PPPs - South Africa,

Mr. Martin Inkumbi, Developing and Funding Independent Power Producers - Namibia,

Mr. William Dachs, Case Study on the Gautrain - South Africa,

Mr. Kogan Pillay, The Fundamentals of PPPs – SADC,

Mr. Mochizuki Hiroshi, Enhanced Private Sector Assistance for Africa , South Africa,

Mr. Tetsuya Fukunaga, TICAD VI Official Event JICA Seminar , SADC,

12th CEOs' Forum, June 2016, Gaborone, Botswana

The forum focused on discussing “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Implementation: DFIs as catalysts”. The DFIs will play a crucial role in attaining the SDGs both in individual member states and on a regional basis. In addition, the G20 nations have made considerable financial resources available, through multilateral organisations, which can be accessed by DFIs in SADC as they fulfill their mandates.

Programme Outline


Dr. Muyeye Chambwera,  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  Overview - Botswana,

Ms.  Loyiso  Ndlovu, The Role of DFIs as Catalysts in the Attainment of SDGs - South Africa

Dr. Lufeyo Banda, Role of SADC DFIs in attaining SDGs: SADC Perspective - Botswana

Mr. Andrew McRobert,  Monitoring and Evaluation of SDGs – South Africa,

11th CEOs' Forum, December 2015, Luanda, Angola

The forum focused on discussing the state and prospects of industrialisation in SADC, especially given the adoption of a Regional Industrialisation Strategy and Roadmap by SADC member states. In this context, the Forum explored the role that development finance institutions can play in promoting and facilitating industrialisation in the region, and ensuring the alignment of development finance strategy to the regional industrial strategy and the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan.

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Mr. Farai Zizhou,  SADC Industrialisation Strategy and Roadmap - SADC,

Mr. Joao Cunha, Financing Industrialisation in Angola: Challenges and Opportunities - Angola,

Ms. Lynette Chen, Role of the Privatw Sector inIndustrialisation - South Africa,

Dr. Lufeyo Banda, Industrialisation and Financing in SADC - Botswana.

10th CEOs' Forum, June 2015, Maputo, Mozambique

The objective of the forum is to provide a platform for the exchange of views and experiences on the role, operational challenges and experiences of SME financing and support programmes, as well as the broader policy environment within which they operate.

The workshop draws on the experiences of Malaysia and Japan in developing the SME sector, and the overseas development assistance rendered in support of enterprise development. This forms the basis for reflection and comparison of experiences of SADC DFIs and member states in the implementation of such programmes.

The workshop expects to share experiences, and point to directions of policy reform for the enhancement of the performance of SMEs in the SADC region.

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Official Opening by Mr. Ernesto Gove, Governor of Mozambique Central Bank.


Dato’ Hafsah Hashim,   Accelerating Business Growth for SMEs - Keynote Speech,

Mr. Tetsuya Fukunaga, Japanese Experience in SME Development ,

Mr. Kojiro Matsumoto, Japanese ODA for SME Development ,

Mr. Francisco Souto, Issues and Constraints of SME Financing and Support – Mozambique,

Mr. Robert Likhang, Issues and Constraints of SME Financing and Support – Lesotho,

Dr. Tebogo Matome,  Issues and Constraints of SME Financing and Support – Botswana.

9th CEOs' Forum, December 2014, Durban, Soth Africa

Programme Outline

Official Opening by Mr. Edward Senzo Mchunu,  The Honourable Premier of KwaZulu-Natal.


Dr. Lufeyo Banda, SADC DFIs, Study on Scan of SADC Development Finance Institutions’ Environment ,

Dr. Herrick Mpuku, Prudential Standards, Guidelines and Rating Systems ,

Mr. Patrick Dlamini, DBSA Presentation ,

Mr. Mohan