Governor of the Central Bank of Mozambique opens SADC DFI Network meeting

Mr. Ernesto Gove We feel greatly honoured to welcome the distinguished delegates and invited guests to this important forum of the senior managers of the SADC DFIs.  This is particularly gratifying because the DFRC -Development Finance Resource Centre- as a SADC related organization decided to meet in Maputo to consider current issues of this regional organization and to further reflect about the development of SMEs in our region.

In December 2011, we had the opportunity and privilege to host the CEO’s Forum held in Maputo, whose theme was the Emerging Development Finance System in the SADC Region and the role of DFIs. Since then to this date, the various financial institutions in SADC, including the Central Banks have come to understand and recognize more profoundly the importance of development finance in our countries.

The role and contribution of the DFRC and its members to the discussion around the setting up of the Regional Development Fund have been extremely laudable. Moreover, staff from our institutions have been benefiting from training programs sponsored by the DFRC network of partners.

We also would like to commend DFRC’s commitment, together with the African Association of DFIs (AADFI), to enhance governance within the national DFIs. The self-assessment initiative known as the “Prudential Standards, Guidelines and Rating System” (PSGRS) has contributed to the national DFIs to improve their governance and heighten their reputation. Indeed, to improve DFIs governance is an ongoing challenge for continuous improved performance in their role as strategic partners of governments in their development programs and to streamline the financing systems. 

It is with satisfaction that we are witnessing to the growing acknowledgment of DFRC’s contribution to improve the financial systems of the region. The remarkable role you play in our region is evidenced by the growing number of DFIs acceding to the principles and obligations of the organization. The fact that Mozambique is now