Honourable O.K Matambo, Minister of Finance and Development Planning officially opened the DFRC's new offices: Page 4 of 5

  1. Fund (RDF) are on-going.


  1. SADC Member States, expect these institutions to collaborate on project identification, preparation and development, with the objective of building a pipeline of bankable projects. This has been lacking in the region and hence the low investment levels in critical sectors such as infrastructure and industrial development.


  1. SADC adopted a Regional Industrialisation Strategy and Roadmap in April 2015. The strategy prioritises industrial development, as a lead sector in stimulating sustainable and inclusive growth, providing a practical framework for purposes of implementation and monitoring progress in turning SADC economies around.


  1. The prioritisation of industrial development to underpin regional development and integration, underscores the role of DFIs, firstly in identifying projects, preparing and developing them for take up by investors and secondly, in mobilising the necessary funds to realise the investments.


  1. The RISDP and the Industrialisation Strategy recognise the inevitable role of the private sector in providing finance and technical expertise. DFIs are therefore expected to fund projects as co-financiers and through public-private partnerships (PPPs).


  1. Cognisant of its continuing role of capacitating DFIs, the DFRC in its new Five Year Strategic Plan for 2015 to 2019 has aligned its areas of focus to industrial development and infrastructure development, both priority sectors under the RISDP. This is commendable.


  1. We also look forward to stepped-up interventions by the DFRC in promoting PPP as an alternative investment vehicle while providing the necessary skills to our governments and assisting with the establishment of the requisite structures such as PPP units and the development of the supporting policy and legal frameworks. Through Public-Private Dialogues, the DFRC provides a platform for the active engagement of the private sector and creates an interface for collaboration with governments.


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