PPPs are globally popular as a model of economic stimulation - Mr. Lekwalo Mosienyane: Page 2 of 3

  1. PPPs are; where in the world have they been used effectively, what benefits they will bring for Botswana if well implemented, and what are the opportunity costs that arise out of the prolonged delay in implementation of the policy framework.


  1. Botswana’s pensions industry is highly liquid, with funds in excess of BWP 60bn. The fact that more than 70% of these funds are currently invested abroad points to some subdued ability to create investment opportunities for this money to flow back and stimulate the domestic economy. The creation of such opportunities is enabled by the level of appetite by government to partner public funds with private funds in delivering social and economic public infrastructure projects. We therefore have to establish the level of appetite, but in saying so, I can assure you that the private sector is ready, we just need government to commit to facilitate us.


  1. I was quite encouraged by the recent speech by the Hon Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Rre Matambo, on the occasion of the launch of the new SADC DFRC head office in Gaborone, when he said that government is fully committed to PPPs, but will need technical support from experienced partners like the SADC DFRC to establish the PPP office. It is pleasing to see a strong participation by MFDP, which bears testimony to government commitment as recently pronounced by the Hon Minister.


  1. I am therefore confident that as an outcome of this training, we will engage in a sustained discussion that will lead to a structured and documented framework and road map of rolling out PPPs in Botswana. It is also pleasing to see a strong participation at the right levels by other relevant parties, as this will enable implementation of any decisions to be made regarding PPPs in Botswana.


  1. Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, this training dovetails well with our concerted effort of advocating for the use of PPP models in Botswana. We firmly believe, that PPPs can create a cycle of mutual