Public Private Partnership in SADC - Case of Botswana : Page 2 of 2

a road, or any sort of infrastructure, it would be quite straight forward,” he said in an interview. Dr Jefferis, who is also former Deputy Governor of Bank of Botswana (BoB), said government has to study contracts before committing to be sure of how it is spending and how to avoid a situation where government ends up paying more than initially calculated. 
However, Dr Jefferis said some of the benefits of the PPP are that government literally has got nothing to do on projects being carried out under the PPP, saying responsibility of construction, maintenance and servicing of the project will rest with the private party and this would lead to efficiency in delivery of key infrastructure. Since PPPs are complex by their nature, Dr Jefferis said this would bring the needed international expertise, adding that PPPs cover a wide range of projects which are commonly complex.