The theme for the forum is "Resource Mobilisation for DFIs in SADC region”
The COVID-19 crisis, while mostly a health threat, it has become an economic threat with devastating multi-sectoral effects resulting in declining economic growth, rising unemployment and falling living standards, among other adverse effects. Most governments, especially in the developing countries, have diverted resources to fighting and containing the pandemic, including economic stimulus packages, in spite of other pressing economic challenges. But, impact of these measures has largely been limited due to lack of fiscal space. 
Under the circumstances, the role of DFIs to support governments through countercyclical measures, including funding of COVID-related development projects has become more important than before. With the increasingly limited resources from government, DFIs are expected to mobilise resources to meet the fiscal gaps and continue to meet their developmental mandates across the affected various sectors of their economies and the region at large. However, raising the requisite funds is increasingly becoming competitive, given the rise in numerous actors and the rapidly changing donor or international cooperating partners (ICPs) landscape that has seen disbursements from this source decline over the past years. 
Against this background, the forum aims to reach out to DFIs and expose them to the opportunities of funding available for development projects. The funding sources to be discussed will vary from Green Climate finance, SME Development funding, Renewable funding to Women and Youth development funds. The forum will discuss in detail how DFIs can access and benefit from these already existing funds to deliver and expand their mandate. It will also highlight the knowledge, skills and requirements to ensure focused tangible development results in the region through resource mobilisation. 
Ultimately, the forum is intended to provide DFIs with an opportunity to identify and secure much needed resources from a diverse range of development partner and funding institutions to assist governments’ efforts to turn around economies in the wake of the debilitating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Attendance is by invitation only
Event Date: 
Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - 09:00 to 13:00