Blended Finance (Resource Mobilization and Risk Mitigation)

The SADC-DFRC in collaboration with Covergence Blending Global Finance will have a virtual roundtable on Blended Finance (Resource Mobilization & Risk Management) on 29th July 2021. This is part of the institutions efforts to build and strengthen relationships with other stakeholders outside the DFI Network. The programme will run from 09:00 hours - 11:30 hours CAT.

The roundtable is targetted at Chief Executive Officers, Chief Investment Officers and Risk Managment Executives and will cover the following:

  • What is blended finance and how can it be used for risk mitigation and portfolio diversification?
  • How DFIs can mobilize resources; and 
  • Strategies for executing blended finance projects.

Click on below link to register: gx yx8p1NdwO8fvwdJ