Board of Trustees

Mr Mohan Vivekanandan

Group Executive: Client Coverage
Development Bank of  Southern Africa 

Board Chair




Mr Muzikayise Dube

Managing Director
Eswatini National Industrial Development Corporation

Deputy Board Chair




Dr Samuel Bwalya

Managing Director

Development Bank of Zambia

Chair of the SADC DFI Network (Exofficio)




Mr Benedict Libanda

Chief Executive Officer
Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia




Mr Keletsositse Olebile

Chief Executive Officer
Botswana Investment and Trade Centre




Mr Sadwick Mtonakutha

Director: Finance, Investment and Customs (FIC) Directorate
SADC Secretariat

Ex-officio from SADC Secretariat





Ms Rhobi Sattima

Acting Managing Director
National Development Corporation - Tanzania




Mr Fredrick Chanza

Acting Managing Director
Export Development Fund of Malawi




Mr Thomas Sakala

Chief Executive Officer
Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabw e




Mr Stuart Kufeni
Chief Executive Officer
SADC Development Finance Resource Centre