DFIs embarked on a mission to TOKYO

The DFRC, in collaboration with JICA, organized a trip to Japan on “Industrial Development and Promotion of MSMEs - the Experience of Japan” from 24th September to 2nd October, 2018.
Japan is one of the countries that have succeeded in industrializing its economy through harnessing and promoting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Its success is founded on a tested and effective institutional, policy, financial and regulatory framework developed and implemented by various levels of governments and governmental organizations with the active participation of the private sectors.
The objectives of this trip were, therefore, for SADC DFIs to learn about the institutional, policy, financing and regulatory arrangements for MSMEs in Japan, derive lessons from it and assess what could be adapted to their own environment. To this end, delegates had the opportunity to hold meetings with central government departments, local governments, governmental institutions, private financial institutions and some MSMEs on the ground.
The delegation consisted of eleven DFI executives, the DFRC CEO and Mr Tetsuya Fukunaga, Advisor, Development Finance, SADC DFRC.