Procurement of Professional Resource Mobilization Consultancy

The DFRC is looking for suitably qualified business consultant(s) to assist it with mobilization of financial resources in the medium to long-term. This will include, but not limited to the following services:
Provide the DFRC with a comprehensive list of possible financial partners and donor agencies/ICPs. It should be noted, however, that if new approaches can be developed to access funds from these entities the consultants will provide these;
Provide a clear set of criteria on how to obtain funding from the identified organizations;
The service provider will provide a short, medium and long-term plan, to access funding to ensure the financial sustainability of DFRC programming activities;
The consultant will also apply for such funding on behalf of the DFRC using its branding and letter heads;
The service provider will review the DFRC budget and identify additional sources of internal funding; and
Obtain funding for the institution measured against the plans developed.
The Terms of Reference is attached.