Research and Development for DFI Sustainability under COVID-19 Uncertainties

On 3rd December 2020, the SADC-DFRC hosted a CEOs forum under the theme, “Research & Development (R &D) For DFI Sustainability Under COVID-19 Uncertainties”. It was attended by sixty-eight (68) Executive Officers and Senior Officials.
The overall objective of the Forum was the institutionalisation of the Research and Development function within DFIs as an instrument to ensure not only their effectiveness as development agents but also to underpin their long-term sustainability.
Various experts and practitioners graced the forum and shared insights on how best to leverage R &D solutions, particularly to ameliorate the adverse effects of COVID–19 on DFIs and the economies in the SADC region at large. DFIs with strong research capacities also shared their experiences while smaller DFIs, often with inadequate resources to form R &D units in their structures, benefitted from a collective of ideas and strategies shared at this forum.